About Us

We are so happy to welcome you to Wildlife Travel Adventure. I am a journalist, my love for writing started when I was eight-years-old and my lovely primary school teacher gave us each a beautiful copy of Wind in the Willows and asked us to write our own versions.
It’s been my favourite book ever since and I still love reading it regularly, especially to my children.
I was lucky enough to be chosen as a graduate trainee at The Sunday Times, London, and after several years working on different section I went to work at the Daily Mail as a feature writer.
My husband, Stuart, is a photographer. He’s always loved photographing landscapes and wildlife but his favourite thing to photograph right now are the children. He will give you tips on how he gets the images we post in the blog.
Our children Yasmine, 9, Emil, 7, Sissi, 4 and Summer, 2, are all keen to contribute their ideas too. They will have a section on happy food – pure food that children love to make and eat.
We really hope you enjoy our work and it inspires you to travel and explore.

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